Advice and Suggestions

At no point during a coaching session regardless of language or phrasing should any advice or suggestions be inferred. All actions, decisions, choices made following coaching are your own responsibility. This is particularly important if you are having coaching around health, financial or legal matters.

If at any time, and in any issue during our Coaching I believe as a private individual that you should take specialist, qualified advice then I will tell you. Depending on the nature of the issue, it may be necessary to suspend coaching until the qualified advice has been sought.


Please note that while confidentiality is fully respected, there are instances where this cannot be legally guaranteed. Under the law of England & Wales, I believe this to be in the following instances:

  • Where I have reason to believe that a child or a vulnerable adult is at risk.
  • Where I believe you are about to commit harm either to yourself or another person.
  • Where legally required to give information by the relevant laws applying to myself as a coach or yourself as a client.