Brigid is an incredibly insightful and methodical coach. Her immediate and measured response to problem solving is unique and probably the most successful I’ve experienced. She obviously has a great depth of knowledge in all areas of her expertise and demonstrates it with excellence and great professionalism. I would highly recommend Brigid for both personal and business coaching without hesitation.PF

I loved the coaching process, i found it a great support during challenging times and it opened my mind to different ways of approaching/tackling things in a more practical way. I think it has benefitted my massively, I feel in a lot more of a better place mentally and a lot better equipped to deal with things moving forward.ER

I found the sessions really productive as it made me see things from a different perspective. More importantly, the sessions made me see things in a manner that enabled me to plan future actions, or see them in a positive light.FC

Brigid is very good at enabling me to focus, which shows her considerable skill, as otherwise I am quite prone to tangent-ing! PH