Coaching takes time, energy and commitment. You have to want to change and be at a place in your life where you are ready, willing and able to invest the effort. No one can make the changes for you.

     Consider the following statements honestly:

  • I am able to take responsibility for my own life and actions to achieve my goals. No one can do this for me, including my Coach.
  • Coaching is an investment in my future, not a ‘quick fix’. I am fully committed to giving it the time, energy and attention it needs to reach my goals.
  • I am ready, willing and able to work towards changing self-defeating behaviours and self-fulfilling prophecies that are creating barriers in my life.
  • I am ready to commit the funds necessary to pay for coaching and understand that it is a worthwhile investment in my own future.
  • I am ready to commit the time necessary to take the coaching sessions, and respect both my time and that of my Coach by being on time for scheduled appointments.
  • I am open to trying new things even if I can’t always see the point at the time.
  • I am willing to be truthful with my Coach and in turn am ready to be challenged and to feel uncomfortable at times. I will tell my Coach straightaway if I am genuinely unhappy about some aspect of the coaching.
  • I know and understand that Coaching is not mentoring, counselling or therapy. I believe that Coaching is the appropriate process for the changes which I wish to make.
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