18th April 2017

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In addition to email, telephone, skype and internet messenger coaching, I am now able to offer face to face coaching in the lovely town of Monmouth in South Wales where I now live. For further details, please see River Monnow Coaching


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Work and Life Experience

I have worked in large and small companies spanning infrastructure, construction, electronics, and education in management, team worker and technical specialist roles, acquiring numerous qualifications and becoming a model along the way.

With my life experience and (slightly) adventurous streak, I haven’t shied away from making major changes and decisions in my own life – including returning to university at 39 to pursue a longheld dream to carry out pure research, and upping sticks and moving continents for several years on nothing more than the desire to experience something new. I can empathize with your wishes to do the same, and also the worries and concerns that accompany major changes.

Coaching Experience

As a coach, I have worked with clients on a wide range of topic areas, from time management to domestic chores, from weight management to building confidence and assertion, from leading workshops on effective teams to coaching youngsters at a residential youth leadership festival.

I can help you to build your own body of evidence to support you in believing in yourself and your ability to reach for your goals or to handle those competency based interview questions. I can challenge you to explore your values and what they really mean to you and where they may be causing conflict within yourself or with others.

What I Get Out of Coaching

As a fully qualified, professional, motivational business and life coach, I encourage my clients to identify and structure their plans and goals, to explore the challenges they face, and enable them to tap in to their own inner resources to create the life they want.

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed supporting people to discover things for themselves. To me, the best thing about being a coach is when clients have their “light bulb” moments, when they suddenly discover an option they never considered before. I love it when they reflect back on our time together and recognize how far they have come, the tools they have learnt to use to help them in the future.

Coaching Philosophy

Like many coaches, I do not give advice or suggestions. The reasons behind this are that as coaches, we believe that you are the expert in your life and that you have the resources within you to create your own action plans, solve your own problems, or decide what expertise you might wish to develop or buy in. The role of a coach is to ask questions and set exercises which allow you to uncover that knowledge and those resources which you already have.

I will support you to identify what you want from life or just the next 3 months, your values and beliefs about your situation – good or bad – and help you to design the life or company you want.

As your Coach, my role is to stretch you beyond your comfort zone, bring ‘overwhelm’ into perspective, and challenge you to think about problems, obstacles, barriers, methods in new ways. I will also use different listening and questioning skills and exercises to help you to identify and work on eliminating any self-limiting beliefs (“I can’t”, “I’ve never been able to”, “It’s just not me” etc) which are holding you back.

Coaching Methods

Coaching can take place by telephone, skype or viber – both voice or messenger as you prefer. Face to face coaching is available in Monmouth, South Wales and will generally take place in a quiet local hotel lounge or other location in the town centre as agreed.

Your Commitment

The key thing is that YOU take ACTION. Whichever method is used YOU COMMIT to TURNING UP in whatever form that takes, and FOLLOWING THROUGH.

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